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Reading #4: The Grey Wolf

6 of Vessels

So I asked the Alchemical: What do I need to do this last week of my maternal leave – before I go back to work?

And I drew:

6 of Vessels: The Gardener -nuturing, not too much, not too little; 9 of Staffs:  The Grey Wolf  – sacrifice, overcome with passion; and Queen of Staffs – presenting a choice between the raw and natural and the refined.

The first card makes me think that I have to nuture my kids and my family, to see to what has to be done at home, while I still have the time and energy.   The second card – The Grey Wolf – seems much more complicated. This is about sacrifice, somehow.

The Alchemical Tarot Study Group says:  “A wolf is sacrificed in a fire. This is an alchemical symbol representing the restoration of the king, who was devoured by the wolf. 

Tarot wisdom: You face a calamity, a fire out of hand. Fire consumes you to exhaustion or illness. The message also suggests sacrifice, especially for a higher purpose, like suffering for the good of others, or being a martyr, or subduing the animal passions for spiritual purpose.”

9 of Staffs - The Wolf

Hmm. This may make more sense seen with the message of the Queen: The choice between the natural raw and the refined .

The Alchemical Tarot Study Group says:  “A crowned woman in classical dress stands in the desert holding two torches. The torch in her left hand is raw and natural left as it was when taken from a tree. The other is refined, and has been carved in a decorative classical design.

Tarot wisdom: Like the Queen of Swords, the Queen of Staffs is presenting us with a choice. In this case, it is between that which is natural, unprocessed, or possibly crude, and that which is refined or sophisticated. For more insight into these choices, look at the cards that flank this one in your layout.”

So: the Wolf may be the natural, raw, instinctive, while the King – that shall be restored – being the refined, intellectual, conscious. The Wolf also reminds me of my “motherly instincts”, taking care of my offspring. The 6 of Vessels – nuturing – also has to do with cultivating and refining.  

So this apparently is a message about the possibility of making a transition from one state of mind to another. I say possibility – because the Queen of Staffs presents this as choice. I have to use this week to make this transition and put something behind me – and step out of the cave, so to speak.

 Apart from that – this deck is really “cool” to work  with, as I have suggested in an earlier post. It does not give much – don’t tell me what to do, just shows me the possibilities, then I can go figure out  for my self.   

Queen of Staffs

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5 Responses to “Reading #4: The Grey Wolf”

  1. karlthomas Says:

    Nice reading, and what a powerful deck. That fire-riddled wolf is quite an image!

  2. Kristine Gazel Says:

    Yes. It is a powerful image. Somehow caught me off guard.
    I’m not sure I’ve grasped the full implications of this reading.
    Thanks for your comment.
    Love, Kristine

  3. autumnsdaughter Says:

    Interesting reading- and gorgeous deck. With the mixture of the first two cards- nurturing and destructive- maybe there is some sort balance needed… like how forests catch fire now and then in order to create new growth?

  4. Kristine Gazel Says:

    Dear autumnsdaughter
    Thanks for your comment. Yes, something has to go to let something else in. Like when you do your garden and weed it so new plants can grow. So I guess you hit a deep chore here (if you can indeed say so).
    My life now is much about rinsing out – not just in connection to my job, but to gain a new balance on the overall scale.

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