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Feast of Alcyone – Queen of Cups

Feast of Alcyone: – Dec 28th. This card gives us a personal inner message – one that speaks directly to our heart and spirit.

Queen of Cups
Now, the Moon is full. The Queen is standing at a pool with one foot in the water. She seems, like the High Priestess – to be performing some kind of ritual, not just that wild, but more mildly.

She is holding her cup under the moon as to catch it’s light therein.

She is in contact with the Great Feminine – it is interesting how the feminine plays a great part in this whole reading – it is really about connecting with the Goddess, about love, healing, nurturing, creativity, dreaming – all that the Goddess stands for – is.

I think that this Queen is telling me that I already have it all within, I just have to introspectively nurture that part of me. Then I’ll be able to catch the moonlight too.

Full Moon

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