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The Wolf

The Wolf

I’ve have met the wolf in my readings with the Alchemical twice. Actually it is a frightening card, and perplexing too, the Nine of Staffs. Which the discussion in the Alchemical Tarot Study Group at AT also points to.

Last time I read it as it meant that some part of myself has to be sacrifed, my egoism. But I have been doing some soulsearching recently and I have been working on my tendency to take upon my shoulders all kinds of responsibility and guilt that is not mine.

And that tendency is a like a predator preying on me and my relations with other people. Because then I’m not able to distinguish between my responsibilty and theirs.

I think that what must be sacrificed is my guilttrip, and my tendency not to guard my personal borders.  I’m working on that.

Actually I see my tendency to guard my borders as a dog, a border collie, tending to its herd, and all material coming in from others and from my self, from the unconsciousness, as a wolf.

It has to be dealt with. It has to be purified so that it can rise as something else, a greater level of consciousness.

I’m writing about this, not  because all of my previous  interpretations nor the general meanings, that Place has attributed to this card are wrong, not at all, of course.

But I realize that I have slowly started to really connect with this particular deck of tarot, on a personal level. The wolf means something specific to me, now.


2 Responses to “The Wolf”

  1. Twoflower Says:

    I knew I was going to find your study interesting with this deck – from almost the first day I googled “tarot” I wanted to get it (before playing safe with a RWS). It sounds like the deck is doing what it is meant to: presenting you with a deep, archetypal concept and challenging you to look inward and see what you see. Excellent post 🙂 (well, I got something out of it anyway, and it sounds like you did too)

  2. Cath Says:

    What an interesting looking deck! And it does sound like this deck is starting to take on specific meanings for you – fantastic.

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