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Listen to the gods

Posted in Tarot on August 28th, 2010 by Kristine Gazel

“I would rather have people learn how to hear the gods for themselves than trust the word of someone who says they can consult the gods for us.”‘

Says Paul Nagy to Enrique Enriquez in a interview on his tarotblog, tarology.

To divine means to communicate with the gods. Somehow this is something we have forgotten in our western culture. I think we should all be able to divine, be it via dreams or via I Ching or Tarot, or yet another divining tool.

So all though I do NOT read the cards for others my aim is to encourage you, my reader, to use the tarot for listening to the gods – to hear Your truth.

I take this as an opportunity to revive this blog. Because I hope to use this as a medium for writing about my love for the tarot as exactly that; a way for us to listen to the gods.