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Time of Beth – Rebirth

Posted in DruidCraft Tarot, Journal on December 22nd, 2009 by Kristine Gazel

The Time of Beth: – Dec 22nd. This card points to the inner blocks and resistance that is holding us back from following our dreams.

A call is heard and a process of change has already begun, but still a decision has to be made. I ‘guess that what’s holding me back: The need to make a decision and take the responsibility for my change. I’m somehow afraid to do actually do this. To take the first steps in following my dream all though I know exactly what my dream is.

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Mother Night of Dreams – Hermit

Posted in DruidCraft Tarot, Journal on December 20th, 2008 by Kristine Gazel

“This card reminds us to look for a particular message in our dreams tonight. The ancients believed that our dreams on this night foretold some of the important events in the coming year”.

The DruidCraft Hermit

The DruidCraft Hermit

Hermit – The Hermit is himself a reminder of the importance of looking  inwards and turn to the Realm of Dreams and the Otherworld. He is followed by a woolf – that is he is in contact with his instincts and animal spirit. I guess this card is reminding me to look for signs of my journey and inner guidance in my dreams.

I could ask my dreams: What inner light shall I search by?

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