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Reading #13: The Sage

Posted in Tarot on March 21st, 2010 by Kristine Gazel

” [T]he Tarot is like a personal sage that one can converse with whenever guidance is needed. As day to day decisions are made from this place of wisdom, using the Tarot becomes a spiritual path”. Robert Place

The Tarot being a sage, what would he tell me today?

Again I use the little cross and I draw:

The Situation Knight of Vessels being crossed by The Challenge Two of Coins.

The Knight is tapping into the unconsciousness, into the sea of creativity and inspiration, and holds water from there in his Vessel. Also a fish is looking up from the water. This Knight is – as most knights of vessels or cups – a Knight of the Heart, as I can tell from the heart on back of his armour.  He has what he needs and what he came for.

Tarot wisdom from the Alchemical Tarot Study Group says:

“The message here speaks to the attainment of emotional satisfaction. But, when questing into emotions and the unconscious, do not go off foolishly into the depths. Also, you may be getting a message “out of the blue,” perhaps in the form of a synchronicity. It is an unexpected emotional satisfaction. Maybe you’ve already gotten it, and like the knight, need to take notice. Open your eyes to what is around you.”

So what I need I al ready have, I just need to open my eyes for it.

The Two of Coins also goes under the name The Fixation of the Volatile. That is the process of stiffening what is in a flux. Something is preventing me from actually get into a flow and understanding or appreeciating or using what I have found in the water. Perhaps.

From the Alchemical Tarot Study Group:

The image shows an alchemical lemniscate surrounding a sun and moon; these are a gold solar coin and a silver lunar coin, representing the masculine and feminine. … The lemniscate is crowned by two animal heads. The lion represents the fixed in alchemy. It swallows the eagle, which is volatile. This is a fitting image for the earth suit, for it shows fixation in the material plane. A certain danger is present because of the polarization of the masculine and feminine. Their dynamic tension and opposition are being held together in the lemniscate, a manifestation of the higher self, which is able to hold these opposites in balance.

Materially speaking the fixation is neccessary – and maybe it is not that bad after all, maybe this is about realising the fluid insights found in the water and making into something more tangible and fixed, something more useful, so to speak.

The problem is that something will be lost in this process, but I guess that is prize of creating – to make your insights real, choices have to be made. We have to get back onto the solid ground and act upon our insights, and take the responsibility of these actions – ethical or psychological or creative.

So – I guess the Sage is simply telling me: “Get Real!”

Images from The Alchemical Tarot, copyright Robert M. Place, are used with kind permission. Visit the Alchemical Tarot website.

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