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The Purity of Heart Spread

Posted in Spreads on September 30th, 2008 by Kristine Gazel

The purpose of this spread is knowing the present condition of one’s heart on a physical level, as well as on emotional and spiritual levels. It is also about purifying and healing the sorrows of the heart to be wise from one’s life experience and what stands in the way of this process of healing.

Through experience and sorrow the heart becomes wise

Through experience and sorrow the heart becomes wise

Shuffle and lay out the cards in the shape of a heart:

6          7        
4          5
  2     3

1. What is my heart’s present physical (health) condition?
2. What is my heart’s present emotional condition?
3. What is my heart’s present mental condition?
4. What should my heart forgive and forget/let go of/close out?
5. What should my heart remember/let in/open up to?
6. What hurts my heart?
7. What heals my heart?
8. “Purity of Heart Is to Will One Thing” the Danish christian and existentialist philosopher Soren Kierkeggard said – so What is the purity of this heart – what is it that my heart most want?

(2+3: i.e. what thoughts and feelings have serious importance for my heart’s present state, my present “inner landscape”.)

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