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The Four P’s Spread

Posted in Spreads, Tarot on January 16th, 2011 by Kristine Gazel

The inspiration for this spread I got from James Wells, and through him from Marion Woodman. I added the position of Passion, since I think Passion is what it is really all about.

Choose a deck, shuffle it, and then separate the cards into four piles. Shuffle each pile four times. From each pile choose or draw one card, and place them all four in a matrix as illustrated below.

You can ask one or all of the question for the four positions, or make up your own questions relevant for the positions:


  • How am I right now?
  • How do I celebrate the presence?
  • How do I become better to be in the presence – and thereby attend better to those I am with?
  • How do I live in the Now, and let go of the past and the future, which is not Now?
  • How do I accept and love my self as I truly and deeply am?
  • How do I accept and relate to my current conditions?


  • Which (kind of) process am I going through in this phase of my life?
  • Where in the process am I now – in or out, up or down?
  • How do I let go of the goal to focus intead on being in the process?
  • How do I enjoy the ride and let go of frustrations and fear?
  • How do I let go of my urge of controlling everything and everyone?
  • How do I manage not knowing what the next step is?


  • What is the Paradox in or of this situation?
  • What is my Paradox?
  • Which opposites do I contain and how do I balance them?
  • How do I hold the tension of Paradox, instead of falling back into opposites and extremes?
  • How do I cope with other people’s ambivalence, frustration, or extremes?
  • How do I keep my cool&calm?


  • How do I honour Eros in my life?
  • What is my Passion and how do I express it/live it/communicate it?
  • What is the Passion of the Other?
  • How do I nurture and stay true to my passion (my shine, my fire) in this (or any) situation?
  • Where is or what are the hot spots of this situation? Where is the fire burning hottest right now?
  • How do prevent my Passion to be stolen or disminished by others?

Pay attention, if the same suits or numbers show up, and where. It will mean that there is a connection, for example between where you are now and af what your are passionate about. Pay especially attention to the majors.

Let my know how it works and your thoughts.

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