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The Quantum Tarot

Posted in Tarot on September 25th, 2008 by Kristine Gazel

I’ve just read a guest post on the blog Musings on the Tarot by Arwen by Kay Stopforth, author and co-creator of the beautiful Quantum Tarot.

It is interesting to read about the creative process in making and thinking this particular deck , and especially I find the merging between science and tarot quite intriguing.

Leaving a comment to the guest post on Arwen’s blog gives the opportunity to win a reading with the Quantum Tarot by Kay Stopforth.

Here is my comment:

“… the Quantum Tarot is a very exquisite and sophisticated deck, and that I can highly recommend it. When I first had it in my hands I couldn’t but feel awe of the amount of knowledge and creativity put into this work.”