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Prince of Pentacles

Posted in DruidCraft Tarot, Tarot on December 25th, 2010 by Kristine Gazel

Festival of Life, Christmas: – Dec 25th This card shows us how to connect directly with Spirit.

Again, I want to rephrase the description. I want it to say: This card show us how to connect with Soul – since that is of outmost importantance to me in this phase of my life. (If you have read works of Hillman or Woodman you will have an idea of what I mean by “Soul”).

I shuffle and draw Prince of Pentacles.

He is a Prince of the Earth, being grounded and bound to the land and the earth – as the Queen. He has the downward pointing Triquetra of the Goddess on the horse collar. And the five pointed star on his shield – which is also a symbol of the Divine Feminine.

Connecting to light and to soul is both about being patient, earthbound, and sensuous.

The reverse meaning of the card is interesting in terms of Soulmaking. It says (from the accompanying book):

“… [A] search for the gold in the self that lies in the darkness, that needs a period of introspection and apparent inactivity to unearth it.”

Golddigging is an apt metaphor of soulsearching – finding the gold in the darkness, learning to know one’s Soul by patiently digging and accepting to get dirty in the process.

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The Alchemical Tarot Renewed

Posted in Alchemical Tarot, Journal, Tarot on January 4th, 2009 by Kristine Gazel

I have committed to do a process called Primary Deck Reflections (PDR) for the year of 2009 at the Aeclectic Tarot Forum.

I’ll be using the Alchemical Tarot Renewed by Robert M. Place.  It will be my 2009 study and reflection deck, and I’ll use it for reading for my self only. That mean I’ll still be using  the Universal Waite – but when reading for others, which I hope to do more this year.


The Virtues: Temperance, Strength, Justice and Prudence as the World

I simply feel an urge to dive into the mysteries of the Alchemical Tarot in partucular and Alchemy in general. Therefore I chose this deck, which I find quite fascinating – yet difficult to approach. Apart from that – as stated below in the Sacred Days of Yule Spread – I’ll embark on a spiritual journey seaching for my Soul or my Self  (Six of Swords) of a secret character – and I guess the Alchemical Tarot will fit the nature of this journey perfectly and function as a road map.

I’ll try to read once a week with the Alchemical Tarot, and then write a journal entry in this blog  – if the circumstances of my life permit. That will be during the weekends. Mostly just three card spreads. I’ll post both here and at the Aeclectic tarot Forum. Approximately but not necessarily the same stuff.

I’m waiting for the new book to accompany the deck to be released. Until that I’ll use the study group at Aeclectic for reference, since I’m not into this deck, all though I know a little tiny bit about alchemy. I’ll also try to compile a referencelist of Alchemical Litterature, to post in the Ressourceguide category. This litterature, I’ll try to read during this year.

Images from The Alchemical Tarot, copyright Robert M. Place, are used with kind permission. Visit the Alchemical Tarot website.

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