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Yuletide, Kwanzaa – Star

Posted in DruidCraft Tarot, Journal on December 26th, 2008 by Kristine Gazel

“This card shows us how to express nurturance, to attend to our families and to express the protective energy within us towards others.”

The Star – one of my favourites. And in the DruidCraft Tarot she is excellent and extraordinary beautiful.

The meanings for this card are healing, hope, intuition, tranquility, the Goddess.

The message of the Star – according to the book – is “Inner and outer is connected in perfect harmony. All you need to is to be. Intuition flows like a bright stream”.

So in relation to the meaning of the draw of this day it means – just be. Don’t try harder. I heal, nuture and protect my family – just by being.

I’m very confident and happy right now.

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